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Making scrolling text and links with the use of the marquee tag

Updated:  09/28/2011 13:09 PM
Author:  Shiju Mathews

Status:    Resolved.

Demo of HTML Tag 'marquee'.

Make your text scroll horizontal across the page using this simple HTML, which loads fast. Here I use the <marquee> tag. The example code is shown below. Simply copy and paste it into the HTML code of your web page.

Vertical Scrolling

You can use the HTML marquee tag to make your text scroll upward.

Here Use simple HTML to make the text scroll upward. Because this is just pure basic HTML.

See Below example.

  • Welcome courtesyindia.com
  • We are all about indian resources
  • We care all people
  • Web development is our passion

  • Scrolig can ce controlled direction="up" using the attribute 'direction="up"'

    Note:  If you want to make the links scrolling replace the text with appropriate links.

    Command Syntax:

    <MARQUEE command parameters>
      some scrolling text

    The command generates a scrolling marquee using the parameters provided.  At present, the command works only in the Internet Explorer browser.

    Command Parameters:
    align="top | middle | bottom"

    Defines alignment of ordinary text placed near the marquee where:

    • top -
      aligns surrounding text to the top of the marquee boundary.

    • middle -
      aligns surrounding text to the middle of the marquee boundaries.

    • bottom -
      aligns surrounding text to the bottom of the marquee boundary.

    behavior="alternate | scroll | slide"

    Defines way in which text within the marquee will display where:

    • alternate -
      text appears to move from side to side within the boundaries of the marquee.

    • scroll -
      text begins off screen and scrolls toward the opposite side until it disappears off screen again before repeating.

    • slide -
      text moves in from off screen, moves toward the opposite boundary of the marquee, and stops when it encounters the boundary.

    bgcolor="named color | color value"

    Defines the background color used within the marquee.  Background color can be expressed either as a named color or as a hexadecimal color value.

    direction="left | right"

    Determines the initial direction in which the marquee text will move.

    height|width="% | pixels"

    Determine the height and/or width of the marquee either in pixels or as a percent of the space available for display, respectively.


    Determine the horizontal and/or vertical standoff which surround the marquee and define the amount of white space between the boundaries of the marquee and surrounding normal text, respectively.

    loop="integer | infinite"

    Determines the number of times the text in the marquee will repeat the scrolling action where:

    • -1 -
      the scrolling will continue indefinitely - same as infinite.

    • integer -
      the scrolling will continue until the integer value is reached and then stop.

    • infinite -
      the scrolling will continue indefinitely - same as -1.


    Determines the number of pixels by which each iteration of the scrolling display is incremented.  Smaller values produce slower but smoother scrolling effects.


    Determines the integer number of milliseconds which elapse between successive iterations of the scrolling display.  Smaller numbers produce more rapid scrolling effects.

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