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301 redirect from asp.net using database table

Updated:  02/20/2012 13:02 PM
Author:  Shiju Mathews

Status:    Resolved.

Duplicate urls are one of the most threatening issue for web masters regarding the search engine ranking. Also when moving the content to a different page, search engine will alarm for duplicate contents.

A single solution for all this issue is 301 redirect. But managing all this web pages is a tedious task. Recently I faced a similar issue and I decided to implement an easy solution using the database table. In my solution I am using the global.asax file to redirect the WebPages to the new location. Search engine will see 301 redirect status and crawl the new page.

Follow the following steps to implement the 301 redirection.

1: Create a database table to hold the old and the old and new web page address. Also since we need the enter web page address that is differ by upper case and lower case letters we need to create case sensitive column for [URLIn].

2. Insert all your new pages and old pages to the table

4.Create a stored procedure to check the redirect url. Also make sure that we are doing a case sensitive comparison

4. Update global.asax

5. Test the url.
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