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How to Windows 2003 Server start or stop services

Updated:  12/01/2014 13:12 PM
Author:  Shiju Mathews

Status:    Resolved.

This is quite easy. In order to start or stop a service in Windows 2003:
>> Click on Start
>> Select Admin Tools
>> Select Services

Now you can view the service names, description, status etc.

Task: To start or stop service
>> Select service name
>> Right click on a service name
>> Select Properties. >> Now select Start or stop per your requirements.

Task: Make sure service start on Window server boot
To start a service when windows server boots, select service name and set type to automatic.
The Windows Event viewer error logs always contain more information about why service failed to start.

Also you can open windows services by:
  Go to Start>> control pannel >> Administrative tools >>Computer management
  Click on Services and Applications on Left pane.
  On Right Pane double click on services.