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How to Arrange and Dock Windows in Visual studio?

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Updated:  10/30/2013 05:10 AM
Author:  Shiju Mathews

Status:    Resolved.

Visual studio will allow the user to customize the windows according to his/her comfortable zone. This will increase the productivity and make the programing easier for the developer.

This windows include the toolbox, solution explore, server explorer, property window etc..

The integrated development environment (IDE) contains two kinds of windows, tool windows and document windows. You can adjust the viewing and editing space for code, depending on how you arrange the windows in the IDE. The following options are just some of the ways that windows can be arranged:

1. Pin document windows to the left of the tab well.
2. Tab-dock windows to the editing frame.
3. Dock tool windows to the edge of a frame in the IDE.
4. Float windows over or outside the IDE.
5. Hide tool windows along the edge of the IDE.
6. Display windows on different monitors.
7. Reset window placement to the default layout.

Tool and document windows can be arranged by dragging, by using commands on the Window menu, and by right-clicking the title bar of the window to be arranged. Toolbars can be arranged by dragging, or by using the Customize dialog box. For more information about how to position toolbars, see How to: Customize Menus and Toolbars (Visual Studio).

For more information please refer How to: Arrange and Dock Windows
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